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Keeping Your Natural Skincare Products Fresh

Proper Care for Natural Products: Our Do’s and Don’ts for Storage and Keeping Your Favorite Formulas Fresh

Do you know how to get the most life out of your favorite natural products?

If you’re a lover of plant-based, organic beauty, you likely already understand the joy of collecting botanical blends. From the vibrant colors, to the enchanting natural fragrances, formulas like the ones we create at Blue Haven Holistics are some of the most pure and beautiful products to add to your routine, and use in your favorite self care rituals.

However, with products that contain fewer preservatives, artificial ingredients, and additives, comes one minor challenge - a shorter shelf life. If you’ve ever had to part ways with your favorite product due to spoilage then you also know that the struggle is real.

But not to worry. There are things you can do to prevent this from happening. Today, we’re sharing a few of our favorite tips for proper product care and storage. Here’s what you need to know: 


Tip #1: DO Always keep containers tightly sealed

Once the seal has been broken on any new product, oxygenation can start to break down and degrade organic ingredients. So, as much as possible, you will want to limit oxygen exposure by always keeping lids on. A best practice is to open only to dispense the amount of product needed and then immediately seal it back up.  


Tip #2: DON’T Allow products to be exposed to direct sunlight

Just as your skin is sensitive to the sun, so are plants and botanical compounds. Exposure to UV can quickly start to degrade natural ingredients, shortening their lifespan and causing them to spoil faster. Therefore, the best place to store products is away from sunlight in a cool and stable environment. Preferably in a closed cabinet or drawer.  


Tip #3: DO Keep them at a cool and stable temperature

Similar to light exposure, prolonged heat and other fluctuations in temperature can destabilize your favorite cosmetics. As much as possible, we recommend storing your products at a consistent temperature. A tip we love is to try storing some of your daily essentials (such as your face mists and toner) in a refrigerator, which will make them feel cool to the touch and extra calming for the skin. However, we do not recommend storing your oil-based products in the fridge. 


Tip #4: DON’T store products in your bathroom

As counterintuitive as it may sound, the bathroom is not the best place for your holistic products to live. Unfortunately, because your shower produces more humidity than in other rooms in the house, this can contribute to excess moisture or condensation in your products, and can cause growth of mold or spoilage. 


Tip #5: DO use a spatula or clean hands to dispense

For preventing bacteria from forming in your favorite cosmetics, an important tip is to always use clean hands to apply, and this is especially true of natural products. Better yet, try using a clean tool, such as a spatula - like the ones we provide - to scoop the desired amount and avoid contaminating the delicate balance of your botanical blends.

Other Important Things To Know

At Blue Haven Holistics, all of our products are powered by plants but will have varying lifespans. While some dry formulas such as our Vitamin C Cleansing Grains are able to stay fresh for longer periods of time, others that are rich in raw botanicals - like our face masks - will have a shorter lifespan. For this reason, we recommend always making a note of any instructions provided, and following the tips above for best results. We also recommend that you only buy quantities you know you’ll use within a short period of time. This way you’ll be able to enjoy your skincare products at their peak of freshness.


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