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Azul Clarifying Face Oil


An ultra clarifying, fast absorbing, face oil formulated with powerful antibacterial and anti-inflammatory botanicals to nourish, purify and soothe blemish prone skin.

Blue Tansy, Willow Bark Extract, Turmeric Extract and Manuka purify and clear blemish prone skin, while Kalahari Melon, Milk Thistle and Prickly Pear soothe, nourish and lock in moisture. 

Suitable for combination, oily and blemish prone skin types. 


Apply 3-10 drops to cleansed and toned skin. Store in a cool dry place and out of direct sunlight.  

Due to natural ingredients, color of oil may vary.

INGREDIENTS: *Squalane Oil (Olive Oil derived), *Milk Thistle Oil, *Kalahari Melon Seed Oil, **Prickly Pear Extract, **Willow Bark Extract, **Sunflower Oil, *Licorice Root Extract, *Blue Tansy Flower Oil, **Javanese Turmeric Co2 Extract, *Manuka Oil, **Neroli Flower Oil,  **Vitamin E. 

*Organic ingredient/**Wildcrafted


♦ Blue Tansy Oil - also known as Moroccan Chamomile, blue tansy is high in azulene, which gives it its striking deep blue color. Perfect for sensitive skin, damaged skin and healing and preventing breakouts, blue tansy is incredibly soothing, helping to minimize inflammation and regenerate skin at a cellular level.

♦ Willow Bark Extract (Salicylic Acid): Derived from the bark of the willow tree, this powerful anti-inflammatory and antibacterial ingredient is used to target irritated and inflamed skin. Abundant in tannins, phenolic acids, flavonoids, and various minerals, willow bark extract helps to reduce acne and irritation, refine pores, soothe the skin and aid in cell regeneration.

♦ Milk Thistle Seed Oil: Known as a highly effective anti-aging herb, milk thistle is abundant in anti-oxidants that protect the skin from every day pollutants and free radicals. Also a potent anti-inflammatory that high in essential fatty acids, it has been found to improve chronic inflammatory skin irritations such as acne, rosacea, itching and redness. 

♦ Kalahari Seed Oil - is a prized oil from Africa also known as Watermelon Melon Seed Oil. An ultra-fine, fast absorbing oil that is abundant in vitamins A, B and E, antioxidants and Omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids and a host of minerals including magnesium, iron, copper, and potassium. This oil is perfect for all skin types but can be a miracle worker for sensitive, acne-prone skin.  

♦ Squalane Oil - is a plant-derived “dry” oil that has excellent emollient properties and is quickly absorbed by the skin. It acts as a light protective barrier to lock moisture into the skin. It also helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, softens skin and protects the skin against the appearance of hyper-pigmentation and premature aging. 

♦ Prickly Pear Extract: Exceptionally high in vitamins A & K and essential fatty acids, prickly pear helps to smooth and refine the skin's texture, retain moisture, restore elasticity and brighten hyper-pigmentation. It’s also high in phytosterols, especially beta-sitosterol, which provides antioxidants, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. The combination of phytosterols and natural essential fatty acids works well for anti-aging concerns and encourages new collagen production.


We use plants to color our products and the natural variations in plant color can make our products change color slightly from one batch to the next. Colors may also change over time. This does in no way affect the efficacy of the product. Enjoy your 100% natural plant-based antioxidant face oil!


Azul Clarifying Face Oil

Azul Clarifying Face Oil