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Vitamin-C Cleansing Grains



If you want soft, bright and glowing skin, this is your girl!

Organic silken coconut milk, soothing marshmallow and oatmeal, vitamin and antioxidant rich fruits and softening clays work synergistically to gently exfoliate, polish and cleanse to reveal luminous, vibrant skin. 

Our unique vitamin C rich formula reduces the look of hyper-pigmentation, encourages cell rejuvenation, evens out skin tone, creating a brighter and smoother complexion. 

When activated with water, our ultra-potent, preservative-free formula transforms into a creamy, enzyme rich paste. 

Suitable for all skin types. 

The full size cleansing grains are packaged in a 4 or 8oz recyclable glass bottle. The travel size is packaged in a biodegradable food grade ziplock pouch and is enough for three to four uses.


Pour 3/4 - 1 tsp of cleansing grains into the palm of your hand. Activate by mixing with a few drops of water and gently swirl with fingers until powder forms a creamy paste. Less water will yield a stronger exfoliation, more water will deliver a gentler cleanse.

Gently massage into moist skin in circular motions, avoiding eye area. Paying extra attention to areas with hyper-pigmentation. Let sit for 5 minutes while the grains do their magic. Rinse well with warm water and follow with your favorite toner and moisturizer.

For added cleansing and exfoliation benefit, layer on top of Passion Fruit Cleansing Melt.

INGREDIENTS: *Rice Flour, **Kaolin Clay, *Coconut Milk, **Honey, **Rose Clay, **Orange Peel, **Colloidal Oatmeal, *Marshmallow Root, *Licorice Root, **Vitamin C Crystals, **Camu Camu Fruit Extract, *Amla Berry Fruit Extract, **Mango Fruit Extract, **Sea Buckthorn Fruit Extract, **Pineapple Fruit Extract, **Sweet Orange Oil. 

*Organic ingredient/**Wildcrafted


♦ Rice Powder is a gentle, yet effective exfoliant that helps to cleanse daily pollutants and slough off dead skin cells. 

♦ Honey – has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that will actively defend against skin breakouts. It's also rich in antioxidants and flavonoids and moisturizes skin keeping it healthy, supple and hydrated. The enzymes present in honey promote healthy skin cell production and provide a natural glow to the skin.

♦ Marshmallow Root - a natural hydrator, contains ceramide precursors and flavonoids that have anti-inflammatory and soothing properties to help reduce puffiness and moisturize skin. Helps to regenerate and speed up healing. 

♦ Coconut Milk – has high levels of vitamin A and C, calcium, iron and natural proteins to nourish and maintain skin elasticity. It also softens, moisturizes and soothes irritated skin. 

♦ Rose Clay – a gentle clay full of iron oxides that gently removes dead skin cells, hydrates, exfoliates and stimulates circulation. It also regenerates collagen and elastin, soothes inflammation, tightens pores and helps to fade hyperpigmentation. 

♦ Orange, Pineapple and Mango fruits are rich sources of vitamin C, A and B, minerals and antioxidants. The natural acids and enzymes in these super-fruits help to mildly exfoliate, brighten and even out skin tone. They also offer an extra vitamin-C boost to help circulation and unclog pores. 

♦ Vitamin C - is a potent antioxidant that helps to stimulate collagen synthesis and reduce irregular pigmentation. It also helps to fight free radical damage and inflammation caused by the sun, pollution and other factors.

♦ Sea Buckthorn has a rich source of natural beta carotene and is abundant in vitamins A, C, D, B, E & K and Omega’s 3, 6, 9 and the rare 7 which can keep skin looking firm and lifted. It’s also one of the richest sources of natural vitamin C helping to promote skin hydration, elasticity, fade age spots and help with skin regeneration.  


The ingredients in our products are naturally sourced and blended in small quantities which may result in some slight variations in color and aroma from time to time. This is one of mother nature’s subtleties which we wholeheartedly embrace. Enjoy your 100% natural, plant-based powdered cleanser!

Vitamin-C Cleansing Grains



  • Are your products vegan/cruelty-free?

    All of our products are 100% vegan with exception to our Comfrey + Yarrow Foot Balm, the Cacao Mousse Mask and our Vitamin-C Cleansing Grains. These items are made with natural wildcrafted honey, which are made by our bee friends! We also do not participate in animal testing whatsoever. We are in the process of being Leaping Bunny Certified and we do not purchase from suppliers who are unable to prove that they are also cruelty-free. We love animals, and it is very important for us to stay cruelty-free. We test every product on family, friends, and employees. Never on animals.

  • Is everything that you make really natural?

    Yes! All of our products are created with the finest natural ingredients we can find. This includes premium, primarily organic plant based oils, essential oils, herbs, butters, clays and sea salts. They are void of any parabens, synthetic fragrances, dyes, fillers or artificial preservatives and are phthalate and cruelty free.

  • Can I try before I buy?

    If you are new to our skincare, we highly recommend starting with our travel sizes to make sure our line is a good fit for you. These travel size products are ideal to test for skin compatibility and preference. If you're wondering if our products are right for you, be sure to read our product pages. We've outlined key ingredients and their benefits. We also include samples in every order.

  • When can I expect my order?

    As each order is handcrafted, please allow up between 3-5 business days (excludes weekends and holidays) for your order to ship. Every product is created, bottled, and labeled in house and handled with intention and care. If you need your item sooner, please email us and we will do our best to accommodate you. For U.S. Orders: We primarily ship through USPS. After shipping, please allow another 3-5 business days for your order to arrive for standard shipping. For International Orders: Please allow up to four weeks for your order to arrive after shipping. Usually, it will arrive sooner, but customs departments do have the right to hold items and there is not much we can do about this. Also, we do not pay for anything to be released from customs to you. For more information regarding our shipping/returns policy for both US and international orders, please refer to our Order Info / Shipping page.