What are Face Balms and Why Do You Need One? Blue Haven Holistics

What are Face Balms and Why Do You Need One?

Blue Haven’s Beauty Must-Haves: Our Face Balm Product Picks

In recent years, as the conversation around skin care becomes increasingly focused on barrier support, face balms are becoming the gold standard for happy, healthy, and hydrated skin. At Blue Haven Holistics, we believe that face balm can (and should!) be a part of your regular beauty routine, regardless of your skin type or concern. Here’s why:

The Basics: What is face balm?

A face balm product can be blended to include all manner of ingredients, but the key feature that distinguishes balms from other formulas is their rich, thick, and sometimes nearly solid texture. This is intentional, as balms are designed to be emollient and occlusive – meaning they promote moisture retention and prevent water loss. Unlike a face oil or moisturizer that absorbs quickly, the heavy concentration of botanical oils and butters in a balm create an extra layer of protection for the skin, effectively sealing in hydration and other topical products applied prior.

The Benefits:

A few reasons to use face balms in your routine

● Intense moisture – Sometimes, no matter how much we moisturize, factors such as age, skin type, and the surrounding environment can make it difficult for the skin to hold on to hydration. When this happens, balms provide a perfect fix. Applying a face balm as the last step in your routine will ensure that precious H2O stays locked in and doesn’t have an opportunity to evaporate.

● Repair and relief – A great time to apply your face balm is before and/or after your skin has been exposed to the elements. Whether you’ve spent too much time in the sun, or are headed out on a blustery cold day, the nourishing ingredients can help to troubleshoot itching, flaking, or irritation, and will further aid in your skin’s recovery process.

● Infusion of active ingredients – Whether you prefer to apply as a standalone treatment or as an additional layer over serum and moisturizer, face balms may help you get even more mileage out of your skin care. The added weight of a thick balm formula can work to facilitate better penetration and absorption of key ingredients, ensuring maximum benefit and even better results.

● Boosted barrier function – When the skin barrier is compromised, you’re more likely to experience breakouts, sensitivity, and other adverse reactions. But the good news is that a face balm can help to replenish and bolster struggling skin. Some common components you’ll find in a balm formula are solid oils and butters, which are naturally omega-rich and very similar to the lipids that make up your skin barrier.

Product Picks: Our favorite Blue Haven balm formulas

Blue Tansy Beauty Balm – Our #1 best-seller and go-to formula for glow is our soothing, and softening balm, featuring blue tansy, copaiba, kakadu plum, prickly pear, shea butter, marula oil, and more. It can be used by all skin types – including sensitive, irritated, or inflamed skin – and is lovely to layer over other hydrators like our Blue Tansy Hydrating Face Mist.

Bakuchiol Regenerative Face Balm – Combining luxe botanicals with high performance antioxidants, this enriched balm was created to support optimal function and healthy aging. Key ingredients include bakuchiol – a plant-derived retinol alternative, tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate – a stable form of Vitamin C, lupine seed extract, coenzyme Q10, Nordic cloudberry oil, and green bean coffee oil.


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