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Natural Wood Dry Body Brush

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Dry Brushing - The Perfect Skin Care Ritual for Healthy Skin

While we may think that dry brushing is a relatively new trend, it’s actually a centuries-old beauty ritual in certain cultures and for good reason - it has a myriad of skin benefits.

Incorporating dry brushing into your skin care routine is sure to deliver smoother and healthier skin and leave you feeling revitalized.

Our all-natural environmentally friendly dry body brush is made from sustainable beechwood and semi-stiff sisal fibers to buff away old skin, prepping it for optimal hydration.

Benefits of dry brushing:

Dry brushing boasts several benefits. Let’s go over the top five:

#1 Exfoliation -

The firm, coarse bristles of the brush help whisk away dry and dead cells from the skin. In return, this will leave your skin softer and smoother.

#2 - Cellulite -

Most women can agree cellulite is an issue for the majority of us. It doesn’t matter how much you work out or eat healthy, sometimes the cellulite sticks around. Some research has been shown that massage can temporarily reduce the appearance of cellulite. Dry brushing is quite similar to a massage. While this is not a cure, some people say it helps support their cellulite appearance by softening hard fat deposits and distributing fat deposits more evenly.

#3 - Stress Relief -

Dry brushing can be a bit meditative and can put you in a relaxed state, especially if you are in a quiet space. Some people compare this beauty ritual to a light whole-body massage.

#4 - Improve Digestion -

Some naturopathic doctors agree that dry brushing can help support your digestion and organ function. It may help with bloating as you massage your lymph nodes, allowing the lymph nodes to shed toxins and excess water.

#5 - Supports Nervous System -

Dry brushing can help rejuvenate the nervous system by supporting the nerve endings. When this happens, the body can be more alert and responsive to stimulation.

Information that may interest you:

Dry Brushing - The Perfect Skin Care Ritual for Healthy Skin

The Truth About Dry Brushing and What It Does for You

Start Dry Brushing for Better Skin


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Skin Types

All skin types in need of exfoliation. Do not use on broken skin.


Beechwood, Cotton, Sisal Fibers.

Key Ingredients & Why They Work
How To use

Dry brushing is best done on dry skin before you shower or bathe.

Beginning with your feet, brush your skin upwards in long, sweeping strokes toward your heart to encourage lymph flow to the body’s lymph ducts.

Move up to your ankles, calves, thighs, and buttocks. Continue towards your hips, then move onto your stomach and back.

Finish with your arms, starting at the palm of your hands and brushing up to your shoulders.

Avoid areas that are cut or irritated, and vary the pressure you apply based on what feels right for each part of your body.

If it feels particularly good to brush a certain area, feel free to spend more time there – your body is calling for that love.

Feel the difference as your lymphatic system releases toxins, smoothes your skin and rejuvenates your body.

Product Care Guide

Dry brushing, as the term suggests, does not require the use of water. It’s done using a completely dry brush on dry skin.

To prolong the life of your brush it is recommended that you store your dry brush in a place free from water and dampness and clean it on a regular basis.

Keep in mind that, when cleaning your dry brush, the wooden base and handle should not come into contact with water. This is because water weakens the wood and may cause it to crack and rot.

To clean your brush, brush the bristles of your body brush against a dry towel or tap the bristles against the inside of a dry sink to remove dead skin particles.

Fill a dish with water enough to submerge the bristles of the brush but not get the wood wet. Add a mild antibacterial soap and 3-4 drops of tea tree essential oil.

With the bristles touching the dish, move your body brush throughout the water, distributing the soap and tea tree oil amongst the bristles. Do this for 30 to 45 seconds.

Dump the water and refill the dish with plain, clean water. Repeat the process of moving your brush against the bottom of the dish.

Let your brush air dry by placing it on top of a clean towel with the bristles facing downward. Or speed up the process by gently drying it with a hairdryer.

Natural Wood Dry Body Brush - Blue Haven Holistics
Natural Wood Dry Body Brush - Blue Haven Holistics
Natural Wood Dry Body Brush - Blue Haven Holistics
Natural Wood Dry Body Brush - Blue Haven Holistics
Natural Wood Dry Body Brush - Blue Haven Holistics
Natural Wood Dry Body Brush - Blue Haven Holistics

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