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Face Mask Application Kit


A perfect compliment to your dry face masks! Use the bamboo wooden spoon to scoop contents of dry mask into the white porcelain bowl. The 7" round taklon brush with bamboo handle is ideal to apply a mask evenly and quickly to face and avoid wastage.

- White porcelain bowls measure 3.5" x 1.4" and is dishwasher safe.

- Bamboo wooden spoons and porcelain bowls are ideal for clay masks as they don't react with the clay reducing its healing properties.

- Taklon brushes are made from synthetic fiber, making it smooth and soft, are allergy free and great for sensitive skin types. Vegan and cruelty free.

- Brushes can easily be cleaned with soap and water. To clean, wet the bristles with lukewarm water. Place a drop of makeup brush cleanser or soap into the palm of your hand. Gently massage the tips of the bristles in your palm. Rinse the bristles. Squeeze out the excess moisture with a clean towel. Reshape the brush head. Let the bristles dry completely before reuse.


- White porcelain bowl (measuring 3.5" x 1.4" and dishwasher safe)

- Bamboo wooden spoon

- Taklon brush with bamboo handle 

- Cotton Muslin Pouch


Face Mask Application Kit

Face Mask Application Kit