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Oil Cleansing Method for Glowing Skin

Much Ado About Oil Cleanser: Our Top Tips & Product Picks for Proper Cleansing Care

When it comes to caring for your skin, we can all agree that cleansing is an essential step. Yet without realizing it, many people are actually doing more harm than good with their daily cleansing practice.  

The truth is that many popular cleansing products on the market today are formulated with harsh or aggressive ingredients, which can deplete the skin of vital moisture, leading to dryness, dullness, and even damage.  

That’s the bad news. The good news is that there is a fix. Enter: oil cleansing. If you’ve never heard of oil cleansing, or have been curious about this trending beauty topic, keep reading for everything you need to know.


What is oil cleansing and what are the benefits?

Just as it sounds, oil cleansing is a method for washing the face, using an oil-based cleanser, formulated with one or more botanical oils and butters. This method can be used in place of your regular facial washing practice, to remove makeup, dirt, sweat, pollution, bacteria and any residue from your other cosmetics.

The idea behind oil cleansing is that because like attracts like, the oil ingredients will help to remove excess oil, while also helping to balance and nourish the skin. Oil cleansing is able to provide all of the purifying action of a regular cleanser but because oil-based formulas are not as hard on the skin as a foam or gel cleanser, they aren’t as surfactant and won’t compromise the skin’s delicate moisture barrier. 


How to oil cleanse the correct way 

When using an oil cleanser, you will want to use it almost exactly as you would your regular face wash. Dispensing the proper amount of product into the palms of your hands and rubbing them together a bit will help warm up the product, which you can then apply directly to the face and neck area. 

Any proper cleansing ritual should take about two minutes to thoroughly dissolve makeup and remove surface impurities, as well as any buildup clinging to the skin. For best results, gently massage the skin using small circular motions. Once cleansing is complete, you can simply rinse with a bit of cool or lukewarm water, to remove any excess product and pat the skin dry.


Oil cleansing myths & truths 

Myth: Oil cleansing can clog pores or worsen acne

Truth: It is a persistent myth that oil ingredients are what causes congested skin, but this isn’t really the case. Because the skin is naturally made up of oil and lipids, oil is a necessary component of optimal skin function. In fact, it is actually the act of depriving your skin of oil or stripping your complexion with drying ingredients that can cause the skin to react– overproducing sebum to compensate and breaking out as a result.  

Myth: Oil cleansing will make the skin more oily

Truth: It’s easy to understand why some people are afraid of oil cleansing, especially if you are wanting to avoid excess oil or shine. However, oil cleansing can actually help with balancing the skin’s oil production cycles by providing the skin with the correct amount of moisture needed to maintain its own delicate microbiome. Over time, the practice of oil cleansing can help to re-calibrate the skin so that it feels more healthy and balanced. 

Myth: Oil isn’t an effective enough agent for cleansing

Truth: Another aspect of oil cleansing that concerns some is the idea that simply using oil to wash isn’t enough to get the skin clean. However, as we’ve already discussed, like attracts like, meaning oil can actually be very effective for breaking down oil-based makeup without the need for harsh chemicals or toxic ingredients. It’s also great for opening up the pores, softening oil plugs, and clearing up congestion as a result.


A few more tips for oil cleansing success 

#1 - Cleanse one to two times per day 

Although cleansing is essential, there is such a thing as too much of a good thing. Aggressive cleansing or washing your face too frequently can actually be too much for the skin and result in weakening of the skin’s natural barrier. Therefore, just once or twice per day is plenty. Make sure to include SPF after cleansing in the morning.  

#2 - Spend some time mindfully massaging your skin

A big benefit of oil cleansing is that the action of massaging your skin has additional perks for promoting circulation, cellular rejuvenation, and lymphatic drainage. Rather than rushing through this step, we recommend taking a few minutes to intentionally massage all over as you cleanse, for added self care and infusing the skin with a long-lasting glow.

#3 - Stay consistent and give it time

If you’ve just started oil cleansing, another important thing to note is that it can take time for your skin to adjust to any new routine. The epidermis takes approximately 28 days or more to complete one full regeneration cycle, so remember to be patient and stay the course. Before you know it, you’ll be hooked and ready to ditch your regular cleanser for good.


Our Pick for Oil Cleansing:

Passion Fruit Cleansing Melt

For a beautiful, oil-based cleanser that supports all skin types and is wonderful for dry or mature skin, our Passion Fruit Cleansing Melt is an amazing go-to option. It leaves the skin feeling super soft and looking luminous thanks to a luxe blend of nutrients, vitamins, and antioxidant-rich botanical oils, as well as pure butters. You will love adding it to your daily skin care ritual for cleansing, nourishment, and protection, all in one gentle holistic formula.